Qualities of a personal trainer

20 de septiembre de 2018
Qualities of a personal trainer|Qualities personal trainer Empathy

The personal trainer has taken in recent years an important force among athletes or people who want to hire a personal trainer either in the gym, outdoors or at home. And it is essential that the trainer staff has good qualities.

The advantages that the personal trainer offers are more than obvious, but what qualities should a personal trainer has?

College training and advanced training and continuous recycling is much more important than the physical appearance of the coach.

The personal trainer must be in good physical shape and must maintain healthy habits, as well as be exemplary. Since it is useless to give instructions and demand perseverance if you do not preach by example.

Listening to the needs and developing a training plan tailored to the client, as well as achieving the objectives set by it. The coach must be analytical, because before starting a training plan. It is necessary to assess the state of mind and physical of the client. In this way you can choose and design the most effective training program for the client.


Qualities personal trainer Empathy

Qualities personal trainer Empathy


Another of the qualities is empathy and communication. The coach must be able to justify and explain the routines of the exercises and the benefit of each.  The training sessions will not be aggressive, they will be progressive and always adapted to the needs of the client. As well as the preparation of a personalized diet to achieve the objectives set by the client.

It is very important that a personal trainer knows about the exercises to be performed. But above all it is very important to listen to your client in order to adapt to their needs and creating a bond of trust between them.


 Health and motivation of the client

For the professional the main thing is the health of his client. And to achieve it he will start little by little with some exercises or routines that although at first they seem simple they will serve to know the needs of the client. How he responds at the time of progressing to reach the final result, which is to achieve the marked objective.

It is essential to motivate the person in the execution of the exercises and know how to rectify at the right moments. A personal trainer must know how to display keys and strategies to achieve and obtain the involvement of the staff that is under his orders. Motivating the client in all moment. And making the client perceive the training as something pleasant as well as beneficial to his health.


The experience of the personal trainer

The experience says that it is a degree and effectively the greater the number of athletes. Whether professionals or amateurs with whom a personal trainer has worked, the more satisfactory their performance will be. This is another of their qualities.

The personal trainer should not be intrusive, nor diagnose illnesses or injuries, even, should not recommend medications. And in case the client needs a physiotherapist for any rehabilitation, he should indicate to his client the need to go to a physiotherapist. So a personal trainer must work in close relationship with health professionals.

Being organized and realistic, good planning is essential when it comes to obtaining results. And realistic because it is necessary to know the physical and emotional limitations of the people or clients who have to train.

For a personal trainer it is a satisfaction to check and contribute to the improvement and progression of the objectives achieved in the physical and health status of clients.

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